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Widely acknowledged as the #1 book for cycle wheel building

The Professional Guide to
Wheel Building

By Roger Musson

115 pages, size US Letter / A4

Cost £9 (approximately $15 USD).

Free updates whenever a new edition is released.

Delivered as an instant download in PDF format.

This book is only available from this website, it is not sold anywhere else.

Current version 6.02

I spend a lot of time, expense and effort in creating and maintaining this book and showing people how to build wheels, so I'm disappointed when some of these people (fellow cyclists) then decide to put the book on a file sharing site or give copies away. If you want to obtain the latest version (that comes with free updates and email support) then please purchase a copy on this website. If you want to obtain a copy elsewhere and run the risk of downloading a virus or using an outdated copy then that's your choice. To those of you who purchase a book, a big thank you, your support is very much appreciated and makes me want to continue. Thanks, Roger.

Building the perfect wheel

My book is for anyone who wants to build great wheels. If you already build wheels you'll find plenty here to move you on to the next level. And if you're just starting out, you can be confident that you'll be armed with all the information you'll ever need to build professional quality wheels.

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Here's the deal:

  1. Get a comprehensive guide to wheelbuilding - buy the book
  2. If it doesn't meet your expectations get a refund!

I can't be any fairer than that.

If you're serious about building wheels then my book is essential reading. Illustrated with photos and razor sharp CAD drawings this book shows you everything I do as one of the most respected professional wheel builders. I hold nothing back. In just a few minutes from now you'll be on your way to building your own professional quality wheels - or your money back!

When I started building wheels I had so many questions and was never sure I was doing it 100% correct. The free resources and other books served only as a basic introduction and left me wanting to know more. In my book I've answered those questions, filled in the missing parts, corrected their errors and gone even further, but it took many years of building and evaluating building techniques. I've also incorporated all the feedback I get from purchasers of the book so I know your areas of dificulty and answered them.

This is a lifetime's wheel building experience, distilled into a book that covers EVERYTHING wheelbuilding. I keep nothing back. I walk you through exactly how to build the perfect wheel. When you've finished reading, you'll know as much as I do - and you'll have mastered that knowledge in a fraction of the time. And that's at the heart of what I'm about to teach you - the easy way of doing things.

I've taught thousands of people how to build wheels.

Who am I?

I'm a professional wheel builder with a BSc. (hons) Degree in Production Engineering from the University of Aston in Birmingham. I'm based in Preston, UK, where I owned and built all the wheels at the famous wheel building shop, Wheelpro.

I mastered my craft through building and maintaining precision wheels for myself as an amateur and then as a professional for Wheelpro customers, including super-strong wheels for professional downhill MTB race teams. At this level only the best is good enough. Mistakes simply aren't an option.

As a sponsor of professional bike teams, I've spent years at the sharp end of competitive cycling - out in the field. Rain or shine, I've watched as my wheels were pounded hard by professional racers, studied how they've performed against other people's wheels; gained an unrivalled reputation for building and repairing crash damage and providing total support.

I've run wheel-building courses and been invited to deliver wheel-building demonstrations at cycle shows by component manufacturers.

I've built so many wheels and evaluated so many wheel components and building techniques that I've stopped counting. But over the years I've come to know what I like and dislike, what works and what doesn't. There's no guesswork in anything I do. I deal only with the facts. And now I've decided to share my knowledge.


There's no contest here IMO. Roger Musson's wheelbuilding e-book is the best.

Firstly let me say its the best book I have ever read on wheel building and would highly recommend it to anybody. (Read the full discussion! - Roger)

One of my favourite bike purchases ever.

Over 150 people share their experiences of building wheels using the book.

It is well set out, easy to read and inexpensive considering the amount of knowledge contained in it.

I would recommend the wheelbuilding book by Roger Musson which has enabled me to build a number of stong wheels.

I purchased Roger Musson's e-book and have never looked back. I always had my wheels built by Dave at Speed Dream, but the wheels I have built (3 sets now) have stayed truer longer.

This wooden truing stand is pretty sweet, and elegant to boot.

I've built loads of wheels now and this is the best guide I've come across by a country mile.

I could upload the photo from the wheelpro wheelbuilding book (which shows cutaways of the different length dt nipples), but i am not gonna rip off the guy that helped me so much with learning to build wheels.

If you've not built wheels before I can heartily recommend that book as being about the clearest, simplest guide to wheelbuilding you'll ever find.

This will be the finest 9 pdf you will ever download and he will take you through everything you need to make your own wheels.

This is a fantastic book,well worth the money. Helped me build two wheels that have remained true for many, many miles. Seconded, Roger built my wheels and they got their first true in 10 years last week. Guy knows what he's up to.

The wheels I built with it are still true several large potholes... I'd second Greg's recommendation for Roger Musson's book - really very good.

I would even go so far as to suggest that if you aren't able to build a wheel after reading it, I wouldn't bother even trying.

For more reviews go to your favourite cycling forum and ask for a recommendation for a wheelbuilding book. I guarantee you'll get a recommendation for the book because it's in use world-wide by thousands of cyclists.

Your 100% no-risk guarantee

People are consistently delighted with my book and I'm certain that you will be too. In fact I'm so confident that you'll find my book indispensable that I'm offering you an unconditional 60 day guarantee:

Buy my book. And if for any reason you don't like it - any reason whatsoever - simply contact me and I'll refund your money - in full. No questions. No quibbles.

That's as fair as it gets.

Thanks for looking,
Roger Musson

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