Custom wheelbuilding

Sorry, no longer available.

After many years I've decided to close the Riversway Workshop. I've accumulated a lot of wheelbuilding knowledge and I'd like to share this with you, so please take a look at the wheelbuilding book.


The Wheelbuilding Book

The aim is to teach you how to build high quality wheels in the most efficient way using techniques that have been developed over many years in a commercial wheelbuilding environment, and also to show you how to maintain existing wheels.

The book project started in 1996 when Edition 1.0 was published and continues to be updated today with all the latest trends in wheelbuilding and making sure it clearly answers all your questions.

10th February 2015, a used copy of Edition 2.0 from 1997 turned up on ebay. The winning bid was £13.63 + £1.75 postage, total cost £15.38. The current edition is the 2015 Edition 6, it's far superior and much bigger (the ebay book is 86 pages of A5, the current book is now a 120 page e-book size A4), and only costs £9. Perhaps it was historic or rarity value that bumped the ebay sale price? [when the ebay listing expires you can see a screen shot here]. Back then it was called the Practical Guide to Wheelbuilding - a good "howto" guide, now it's more comprehensive and based on methods developed in a commercial/professional environment.

Wheelbuilding courses

Do you really need a course? If you want to learn how to build a wheel then get the book and if you have any questions then just ask.

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