Professional Guide to Wheelbuilding

Edition 7

Illustrated with over 90 photographs and CAD drawings.

Chapter 1 : Introduction1
Chapter 2 : Quick start guide3
The quick start guide describes the essentials for building and provides an index into the book with links to the sections that require reading.
1. Select your wheel components3
A previously used hub3
A previously used rim3
Previously used spokes4
2. Work out your spoke lengths4
3. Obtain some wheelbuilding tools4
4. Lace your wheel5
5. Complete your wheel5
6. Review what you've done5
7. Your next wheel5
A note for new wheelbuilders5
Chapter 3 : Components and features7
Hub countersunk holes8
Hub flange thickness8
Spoke hole diameter8
Non standard spoke holes9
Straight pull hubs9
Previously used hubs10
Rim sizing10
Rim ERD11
Rim spoke hole stagger12
Angled spoke holes13
How to check the rim stagger14
Eyelet design14
Nipple washers15
Pinned rim joints15
Welded rim joints15
Rim compressive force16
Rim centering and wheel dish16
Tension differences in a dished wheel18
Offset rims19
Offset frames19
Conventional offset frame19
Fatbike offset frames20
Building a wheel for an offset frame20
Plain gauge spokes22
Double butted spokes22
Triple butted spokes22
Oversized spokes22
Bladed spokes23
Straight pull spokes23
Spoke threads24
1.8mm spoke threads25
Black spokes25
Spoke nipples25
Self locking nipples26
Internal nipples26
Interlacing of cross laced wheels27
Inside and outside spokes27
Pulling and pushing spokes28
Where to place the pulling spokes29
Disc brake road wheels34
Chapter 4 : Wheel design35
Strong and durable35
Want to go faster?35
Comfortable wheels36
How many spokes36
Using different gauge spokes either side37
Modifying the spoke tension38
How many crosses in a cross laced wheel?38
How to check the cross pattern40
Radial lacing40
Alternative lacing patterns40
Missing out hub and rim holes41
Type of spokes to use41
Chapter 5 : Tools43
Spoke wrench43
Wheel truing stand44
Wheel dishing gauge45
The nipple driver47
Nipple holder48
Leather gloves49
Bladed spoke holder50
Chapter 6 : Spoke lengths51
Measuring rims51
Measuring the rim ERD52
Measuring the erd in a built wheel53
Rims with a large hole stagger53
Measuring hubs53
Hub measuring method54
Spoke length calculators55
Rounding the spoke lengths55
Record your data56
Spoke lengths for offset rims and offset frames57
Offset rims57
Offset frames58
Fatbike wheels and offset frames58
How nipple length affects spoke length59
DT-Swiss nipples59
Spoke lengths for DT 14 and 16mm nipples59
Spoke lengths for other makes of long nipples59
Spoke lengths for non standard nipples60
Spoke lengths for a different rim61
The spoke length formula61
Test calculation62
Straight pull spoke lengths63
Flange diameter63
Flange distance63
Spoke offset63
Chapter 7 : Lacing the wheel65
Record your data65
Hub and rim checks65
Label your spokes65
Oil your spokes and rim66
Lace the wheel66
How to lace 2 and 4 cross wheels77
Lacing a radial wheel77
Cross combinations on the same wheel78
Option A, B and C lacing79
How to lace option B79
How to lace option C79
Other lacing patterns79
Spoke prep and adhesive79
Loctite 22280
Chapter 8 : Completing the wheel81
1.Take up the slack81
2.Align the spokes83
3.Take up all of the slack83
4.Improve the lateral trueness84
5.Adjust the radial trueness85
6.Equalise the spoke tensions85
7.Check the wheel dish86
8.Final tensioning88
i) Spoke twist88
ii) Stressing the wheel (stress relieving the spokes)88
Complete the final tensioning90
The wheel is finished91
Wheelbuilding accuracy92
How long should it take93
Testing your wheel93
Retensioning your wheel94
Chapter 9 : Repairing wheels95
Checking a wheel95
Flat spots95
Damaged spokes95
Rim wear and damage96
Truing a wheel97
Nipples that will not turn freely99
Spoke breakages100
Replacing a broken spoke100
Replacing all the spokes101
Reusing spokes102
Replacing the rim102
Identical rim102
Different rim103
Replacing the hub104
Truing a wheel built by someone else104
Wheelbuilding Checklist109
Making your own truing stand111
Spoke length formula proof119
The straight pull spoke length formula121
The geometry of a wheel123
Geometry of a straight pull hub126
Straight pull hub wheelbuild example129