Known issues in edition 7

The following will be fixed in the next minor update (edition 7.1)



A few sentences need a comma before "and" when connecting two independent clauses.

Technical errors


Anything else?

Please let me know if you find any errors. Thanks.

New stuff in the next edition

New spoke length calculator

There's a brand new spoke calculator (online now!) that is diferent to the one described in all editions of the book to date. The new calculator now takes into account spoke stretch. So in the next edition of the book I'll be taking out the references to the old calculator and describing the features of the new one.

Front cover

The image on the book description page will be used on the next update, it's an Italian track hub, Swiss spokes, and it was laced to a French rim. The current edition 7 just has a CAD drawing of a wheel.


Edition 7 released 28 September 2016