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The Wheelbuilding Book

130 pages, size US Letter / A4

Illustrated with over 90 color photos and pin sharp CAD drawings.

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The book will show you EVERYTHING. The most comprehensive text on wheelbuilding available.

All the information you'll ever need, and all in one place.

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The Spoke Length Calculator

You will get full access to the spokelength-project calculator.

No other calculator comes close to the power of it, take a look at the features. It's not just a calculator, it also includes a massive amount of information and expert guidance to stop you making spoke length errors.

The wheelbuilding book is tightly integrated with the spoke length calculator making many references to it - not only for spoke lengths but for explaining wheel geometry and much more.

The calculator does not use the old spoke length formula used by every other calculator, instead it uses a CAD based model for spoke lengths. This makes it easy for it to calculate spoke lengths for many lacing patterns, and also makes it easy for the calculator to draw your resulting wheel allowing you to examine the geometry.

This calculator is used every day by some serious wheelbuilding shops.

Purchase the book now and start using the online calculator, and in a later update it will be made available as a download to run yourself, which will finally make every other calculator out there obsolete!

Wheels and wheelbuilding

You came here because you have an interest in wheelbuilding.

Ask on any cycling forum for wheelbuilding guides and you'll get plenty of recommendations for this book.

As many have said, getting this book was the best money they ever spent on a cycling product.

It's very tempting to learn wheelbuilding by wading through information found on web pages, in discussion groups and watching videos, and you may end up with a wheel, or just create a pile of expensive problems. You will have learned very little and wasted a lot of time, and quite likely shown things that are plain wrong. Taking the trial and error approach is not a wise choice, but if using free resources to save a tiny bit of money is important to you, then good luck!

Until you have a solid background in wheelbuilding you have no way of knowing how good the information on social media and forum discussions is. You may think this applies to this wheelbuilding book, but it's all based on facts and a ton of experience, and while I'm still around I'll answer any doubts or questions you have.

Do you already build wheels?

If you already build wheels then it's time for you to move forward and really understand the details of wheelbuilding. You'll find plenty of information to make you think about your current methods and explore other ideas and techniques. And there's plenty of theory to back it all up. It's a book that you will keep reading.


Hi, I'm Roger Musson and I want to show you how to build wheels that will turn out exactly like the ones I build.

If you ever see me build a wheel it looks simple and effortless but I'm following the exact procedure described in this book, it's just that the individual elements merge together into a flowing operation from start to finish, and it won't take long for you to achieve this standard. There's no art or artistic interpretation because your wheels will turn out the same as mine.

What I have done is show you everything I do regarding wheelbuilding and answered the questions I was asking when I started building wheels. I haven't kept back any secrets and after reading this book you'll know as much about wheels as I do.

There's no guesswork in anything I do, I deal only with the facts. I also listen to the feedback I get from purchasers of the book over the last 20+ years, so I know your areas of difficulty and answered them.

The information provided in this book is based on my wheelbuilding experiences gained over many years which started out building wheels for my own use, followed by owning a business that specialised in custom wheelbuilding and disc brakes (I wrote the first edition of the disc brake user guide that Hope Technology included with all their brakes). As well as customer wheels I've built wheels for professional race teams, I've run wheelbuilding courses and provided wheelbuilding demonstrations at numerous cycle shows. I also went to cycle race events to provide support for the sponsored teams I was involved with, and anyone else who needed help with their wheels, so I've fixed plenty of broken and out of true wheels and I think I've seen most things that can happen to a wheel. I've accumulated a lot of information and I'd like to share it with you.

I have a theoretical and practical engineering background and I like to form my own opinion on what is good and what is bad. I evaluate all aspects of the building process and find the techniques that enable me to build wheels efficiently and to ensure those wheels perform reliably when used.

You'll also find plenty of discussions on theory and the technical aspects of wheels. Did you look at the contents of the book?

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Cost £9 UK GBP
(approximately $11.64 USD, €10.67 EUR - conversion rates Jul 21, 2024)
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* The OLD book

For users of the old wheelbuilding book (The Professional Guide to Wheelbuilding), sorry there is not a free upgrade to the new book and calculator. The calculator is a new product and there's a full rewrite of the wheelbuilding book for use in conjunction with it. If you are building great wheels, then stay as you are with the copy you have and I'll make sure the old calculator featured in that book keeps working for as long as possible.

The new book was released in June 2023, if you purchased your old book shortly before this (after March 31st 2023) you can logon and get an upgrade to the new book.