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Professional Guide to Wheel Building 7th Edition

A complete wheelbuilding reference. By Roger Musson

130 pages, size US Letter / A4

Cost £9 (approximately $12 USD).

Delivered as an instant download in PDF format.

Plus, detailed plans and descriptions to make the now famous wooden truing stand and dishing tool, exactly like I use.

Here's the deal:

  1. Get a comprehensive guide to wheels and wheelbuilding - buy the book.
  2. If it doesn't meet your expectations get a refund!

Your 100% no-risk guarantee. Buy the book and if you don't like it - any reason whatsoever - simply contact me within 60 days, and I'll refund your money in full.

You also get a full new book free of charge whenever a new edition is released.

What I am seeing these days, particularly in online discussions, is that people ask a question and get several different answers, some right and some plain wrong! So which answer do you go with? Which one is correct?

This book contains all the wheelbulding information you'll ever need. When you've finished reading, you'll know as much as I do - and you'll have mastered that knowledge in a fraction of the time.

Edition 8

New additions are created in response to feedback and questions. The concepts of building a wheel are the same for all wheels, which means the skills you learn can be applied to any other type of wheel. All those skills are covered in the current version of the book.

Just to reassure you that I'm still here and that I do plan an updated edition, but as mentioned, the current version is very good.

1st August 2022. I've started the new edition, but please don't ask when it will be ready, and don't hold off buying the current version because you'll get a free upgrade when edition 8 is finished.

Please support the continued effort that goes into producing future editions (that you get for free). I put a lot of time and expense into this book and I keep the price of the book very low, so it's disheartening when I see fellow cyclists giving out free copies and putting copies on free download sites (it's actually the reason why I've been slow to do an update because of people like this making it not worthwhile). If you have obtained a free copy and benefited from my work, then please do the right thing and make a purchase. Thanks!



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Hi, I'm Roger Musson,
I mastered my craft through building and maintaining precision wheels for myself, and then as a highly respected professional wheel builder at Wheelpro.

As a sponsor of professional bike teams, I've spent years at the sharp end of competitive cycling - out in the field. Rain or shine, I've watched as my wheels were pounded hard by professional racers, studied how they've performed against other people's wheels; gained an unrivalled reputation for building and repairing crash damage and providing total support.

I've run wheel-building courses and been invited to deliver wheel-building demonstrations at cycle shows by component manufacturers.

I've built so many wheels and evaluated so many wheel components and building techniques that I've stopped counting. But over the years I've come to know what I like and dislike, what works and what doesn't. There's no guesswork in anything I do. I deal only with the facts.

I also listen to the feedback I get from purchasers of the book over the last 20 years, so I know your areas of difficulty and answered them.

This book is only available from this website, it is not sold anywhere else.