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Professional Guide to Wheel Building 7th Edition

A complete wheelbuilding reference. By Roger Musson

130 pages, size US Letter / A4

Cost £9 (approximately $12 USD).

Delivered as an instant download in PDF format.

Plus, detailed plans and descriptions to make an amazing truing stand and dishing tool, exactly like I use.

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What I am seeing these days, particularly in online discussions, is that people ask a question and get several different answers. So which answer do you go with? Which one is correct?

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Edition 8

There will be one.To fix some grammatical stuff, and lots of small updates, but the method of building will not change. There's a brand new spoke calculator (online now) that is different to the one described in the book. The new calculator now takes into account spoke stretch. So in the next edition of the book I'll be taking out the references to the old calculator and describing the features of the new one. The new calculator has a comprehensive user guide built in, please read it, because the method of rounding has changed.


Roger Musson

Purchase wheelbuilding book Visa Mastercard Paypal

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