Text data replaced by Save

The text data option displayed the calculation as plain text so that you could copy and paste it into other documents. It worked, but it was very basic.

The new Save option presents the calculation in tables with a few extra items added. This can be copied and pasted into other documents, and with modern browsers and word processing software, the formatting is retained. Chromium based browsers work best, Firefox loses some of the table formatting. Pasting into Google Docs is a good option, but other word processors should work well, my ancient copy of MS Word 2007 works, but the online Cloud version of Word (MS equivalent of Google docs) loses some formatting.

Here's what Google Chrome into Google Docs looks like. This is a straight copy and paste, and then I right aligned the headers (although I actually prefer the default left). You can then add any other information to it, or fine tune the presentation, and if it's in the Cloud then it's safe!

Note, once the text is selected using the link in the menu, you need to manually copy the text to the clipboard (ctrl/c) or touch/copy on a mobile.

Other calculators implement Save by saving your numeric data to an account on their server (and if their server stops working, your wheelbuilding records will disappear). What you really need is an editable document that you save to a location of your choice. Hope you like it.

URL Parameters removed

The previous Text data option included a url which linked the calculation back to the calculator. I'm not sure how useful this is, and so have removed it. Feedback welcome on this one.

Added triplet lacing

Triplet wheels are no longer in fashion, and triplet specific rims and hubs are not common, but they are interesting to build and I'll talk more about these in the next release of the wheelbuilding book. The spoke length algorithms for all wheel types are now vector based.

Multiple calculation removed

Did you even know this existed? It calculated spoke lengths for a range of spoke counts and crosses. The complex code was always time consuming to maintain, especially when adding features to the calculator and ensuring everything remained mobile friendly. So it's gone!

Layout changes

There's now a sticky header which benefits mobile users.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The new calculator no longer works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the MSIE users get a popup message giving them the bad news.

... and finally

I've tried to make this calculator the perfect wheelbuilding tool with its method of calculation and all the other features. Hope you like it, and if there's anything you'd like to see then get in touch.

-- End --