This example shows how your front end calls the api, you can view the page source to see how it works.

For this basic calculator, the cross pattern and spoke type are the same for both sides of the wheel.

The bulk of the code is defining the data and generating the select lists, this is what you do when designing your calculator code. The actual call to the api to generate the result is quite simple.

Example calculator.

If you want to explore this example further, then just grab a copy of the page source. It's self contained so only the page is required.


There is no fancy layout on this example, it's bare-bones to make it easier to read the page source.

If you are a web designer and would like to see some features adding that would enable you to do some cool stuff, then let me know.

Calculators other people have created

Maybe someday, there will be some entries here.

Please let me know if you create something.